Celebrate All of Life’s Moments With Trimlight

The original creators of Permanent Holiday and Year-Round Programmable Lighting. Our beautiful, customizable displays brighten your home or business and last a lifetime.

Front of house during golden hour with Trimlights installed

Trimlight Southern Lights, located in San Diego, has reimagined how we brighten up our homes. We've innovated and patented a fully customizable exterior lighting system for homes, businesses, and patios. Hanging up Christmas lights only to take them down just a couple of months later is a thing of the past. With Trimlight, you'll never have to climb another ladder again! Our lights are 100% programmable from your phone or tablet and offer 16 million colors and animations! From sparkling effects to synching up with music, Trimlight is ready to meet all your exterior decorating needs.

  • Trimlights installed on house with red, white, and blue pattern

    Amazing Programmability

    Customize your lights to create any unique pattern, design, or animation. With the ability to use up to 30 colors at a time and 90 lights of each color, the possibilities are endless. To celebrate any special occasion, holiday, or event, simply change your Trimlights to match the themed colors.

  • BBQ with globe lights installed

    Synching and Compatibility

    As the original inventor of permanent holiday lights, Trimlight is the only system with the ability to synch the lights with your favorite music. You can also link your Trimlights to Alexa and Google Home for ease of use.

  • Commercial building with trimlights added for security

    Lifetime Warranty

    Our trust in our product makes us confident to offer our customers a lifetime product warranty. We offer the best design, value, and warranty to guarantee ultimate satisfaction.


So many of us have spent hours untangling boxes of Christmas lights each year. Then you find out some bulbs are broken, or you need to buy more because you don't have enough.

In 2010, Trimlight's founder, Ryan, had enough of heading out into the cold each year to hang holiday lights, knowing he would have to take them down a month later. There had to be a better way. That's when a lightbulb went off.

He began researching how to install permanent lights onto a house and developed the patent on how to install them on the fascia line - where the roof meets the house's outer wall. Even though Trimlight has been in business for over a decade, we are constantly improving our technology, from our state-of-the-art controllable app to our LED light technology that lasts 50,000 hours. Trimlight aims to light up America and the world for every special occasion.

Although Trimlight has seen several adaptations as technology has improved and LEDs become more and more reliable over time, Trimlight continues to innovate and develop new and improved products every year. Trimlight's goal is to light up America and eventually the world with our permanent, programmable lighting that can be customized for every holiday and special occasion all year, every year!

Front of house with Trimlight installed Front of house with Trimlight installed
Trimlight app presented on an iPhone

Understanding Your Trimlight System

If you don't have the Trimlight Edge controller, maybe you have the Trimlight Select controller? Click to learn more!


Holiday Lights

Trimlight invented permanent, programmable lighting for holidays and year-round use. Its patented system provides bright, customizable night lighting. The cutting-edge app offers 16 million color options and preset patterns, with a scheduling program to set holiday lighting in advance. Set it and forget it with Trimlight.

Trimlight 3L

Our original light featured a single LED diode, but with the new Trimlight 3L, comes with three! This means that your Trimlight system will shine brighter than ever before! Trimlight's patented system is designed to withstand tough weather conditions, conserve energy and last for decades. Our high-quality LEDs are rated to last 50,000 hours, which is ten times longer than temporary lighting and uses only a fraction of the energy.


Trimlight provides an innovative soffit lighting solution for homes and businesses. With its sleek design, the downlights resemble traditional canned lighting, but offer added flexibility, as they can be surface-mounted anywhere on the building, without requiring space cuts or hardwiring. The downlights can also be programmed to millions of colors and used independently for accent or security lighting.

Commercial Lighting

Trimlight provides an excellent lighting solution for commercial spaces that aims to improve visibility, attract customers, and boost brand recognition. With the help of a user-friendly app, business owners can easily customize the lighting colors and patterns to match their brand and logo, creating a variety of animated patterns that can draw more customers to their location.

Channel Options

Our lights point downward, maximizing their visibility at night, and we construct the channels to shield the lights from weather and sun damage. We also hide and protect the wires, providing a clean aesthetic to the house.

Trimlight Edge

Control your lights anytime from anywhere in the world with our Trimlight Edge app on your smartphone. Choose colors and animations with our 100% programmable app customized specifically for your home and lights. It also provides preset displays and is very user-friendly.

Trimlight San Diego North County


Best in Class Warranty

No company matches our warranty. We are the only company that backs up our system with a lifetime product warranty and 2 year labor warranty.


Trimlight’s next generation app is 2nd to none in functionality compared to our competitors. Customers have more programmability , customizability and scheduling ability than any other app on the market. The Trimlight app is also very user friendly giving customers the ability to easily program their lights.

Hardly Noticeable During The Day

Trimlight offers superior design as our lights are housed in a channel that mounts below the gutter and along the roofline. This allows the lights to be virtually unnoticeable during the day.

Safety & Security

Trimlight provides multiple products to brighten all areas of your home or business with additional accent and security lighting options.

Durable & Energy Efficient

A 12-volt low voltage system that allows for energy efficiency while keeping the lights at a lower temperature, extending the life of the bulb.

Weather Proof

Trimlight bulbs protrude downward to protect them from UV damage during the day, while providing maximum visibility and brightness at night, providing a traditional holiday look.

Best in Class Customer Service

At Trimlight, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service, from educating customers about our product to providing estimates, installation, app training, and prompt troubleshooting and repair assistance. We're committed to ensuring our customers' complete satisfaction every step of the way.

Frankie H. Residential

"I’ve had Trimlights on my home for about a year now and love the customization features it offers. Other than holidays, I’ve also used them for birthdays and graduations. I love that when they’re not on, that they don’t show at all so I have not had any issues with my neighbors or the HOA. I highly recommend Southern Lights for anyone looking for Trimlight in San Diego."

Bharath P. Residential

"We are very happy with Trimlight installation, no more hassles with putting lights on every year. Tom and team did a wonderful job and were a delight to work with. Very happy with product!"

Joy M. Residential

"Awesome! Very professional service from start to finish! Would highly recommend Trimlight Southern Lights for individuals in San Diego that want year-round lighting on their home. Makes your exterior pop, and all the different color themes make it a super fun activity for the kids! Affordable, super cool and I mean we never have to worry about ladders to put up our holiday lights!"

Kelli T. Residential

"We are so impressed with our new permanent lights. Tom with Trimlight was so knowledgeable and easy to work with. The install was also quick, painless and professional-our neighbors can't even tell we have them unless they are turned on. We couldn't be happier and are so excited to use them for holidays and celebrations all year long!"